Body Wraps

Body Wraps

Slimming treatments are always on our radar. From detoxifying wraps to Endermologie, fat-busting products and services are popping up in spas across the country. Here are some of the most popular treatments to combat toxins, fat deposits, and dimpling.

Acoustic Wave Therapy: This non-surgical cellulite treatment uses pressure waves to break up two of the main cellulite causes: fibrous septae and protrusion of fat in the lower dermis. When these are broken up, skin will reveal a smoother surface.

Body Wrap: Believed to release body toxins and remove excess water buildup, body wraps are frequently found in day spas. Relaxing mud and masks are first applied to the skin, followed by a thermal wrap to increase healthy lymphatic flow and reduce fat deposits. This treatment is a temporary technique to slim and tone in one relaxing session.

Colon Cleansing: Celebrities have been using this treatment for years to detoxify and drop inches, but it is still a very new technique for the masses. Colon Hydrotherapy is swiftly being added to many medical spa and holistic spa service menus. In a nutshell, Colon Hydrotherapy is designed to cleanse the large intestine and flush out toxins with water. Be sure to consult your doctor before booking an appointment.

Endermologie®: With this non-surgical service, a small, hand-held machine breaks up fat deposits and releases toxins. Tiny motorized rollers and gentle suctioning are used to smooth skin, most commonly on dimpling of the bum and thighs. Be sure to book several sessions to experience the full results. This treatment is FDA approved to reduce cellulite.

Lymphatic Drainage: Designed to banish toxins in the body, this treatment has a variety of benefits. Most commonly paired with a massage, Lymphatic Drainage smoothes cellulite, rejuvenates tired muscles, increases body fluid flow and boosts the immune system. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is rumored to be Catherine Zeta-Jones' massage pick.

Mesotherapy: Originated in France, this cellulite treatment touts a safe and effective procedure to reduce fat deposits and cellulite. A physician administers micro- injections paired with homeopathic remedies. Like many cellulite reductions, this treatment requires multiple treatments in order to see results.

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