Spa Europa

100E 1029 17 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
Canada T2T 0A9

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Dirty and not professional at all Disgusting and Disappointing - the spa was dirty and the staff didn't seem to know what the heck they were doing.

It looks like they had a good idea BUT but they fell very short in executing it. My husband and I booked a couples retreat which was supposed to start off with a 20 min milk bath for 2 then go into a 1 hour massage each.

when we got there and all seemed nice enough intimate little setting. Then they set us up in the ONLY change room which they put Occupied on the door when someone was in there, so if people in front of you took a long time you could be waiting awhile as it is the only set of showers, and the only steam room as well as the only place to change for everyone in the spa.

The lady who did my massage didn't say a word to me from the second she walked in. She just started the massage she didn't ask if I had problem areas or anything. My husbands masseuse actually asked him BUT didn't work on any of those areas. The oil they used had no scentit actually smelled stale, and was cold. After the massage which was only 40 mins not the HOUR we paid for we got rushed out of our massage room. Most places I have been let you have a moment or 2 while you get settled from the massage and let you get your robes on.Nnot this place we barely had a chance to get our robes back on after the women left, and they were opening the door telling us to go into to the hallway and wait. The hallway is a fairly high traffic area as everyone going to any treatment room moves through here, and there we sat on 2 uncomfortable wooden chairs waiting (we were lucky though because the couple that came out of the change room while we sitting there had no place to sit and wandered around looking for someone to tell them where to go).

So they had us sit out there in the busy hallway while they got the bath read. One girl started it and disappeared then another one came back and asked us why we were sitting there. We told her and she said oh then proceeded to run around a bit more then came back and let us in the room , told us to take our time which was nice BUT all the while there is another couple right on our heels as they had been taken in for their massage about 20 mins before we got the tub. As for the tub let's just say OIL and MILK BATHS don't mix you are so oily from the massage you slip and slide everywhere, it would have made more sense to have the relaxing milk bath before the massage so you are relaxed and clean and that is the way they say in the brochure that it goes BUT nope. To top that off the tub area was not clean it was really dusty, lots of hair eveywhere and mold around the edges of the tub.

So then we get out and go back to the the change room which will soon be occupied as there is a girl at the reception waiting to come in, and then the couple who was receiving the same treatment as us, right behind us so we rush through our showers (by the way the showers are all mildewy and moldy as well so it's not like you want to be in there very long anyway since it is so slimy (they have 2 showers in the room but only one has shampoo, ) and get dressed as quickly as we can because we can hear the girl at the front talking to the lady trying to find out why she has been waiting so long to go get changed.

They have some REALLY low end gel, and a blow dryer from the 60s and stuff for you to use to get cleaned up and they have left brushes with tons of hair and stuff on them for you to use as well (YICK). It was the worst experience I have ever had. DIRTY, Really rushed, staff was unorganised, and not overly friendly. Would never go back

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