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Friend of mine recommended me to join her the yoga class which was just yesterday friday February 15,2013. It was my second time going to yoga in another place (my first time was in my gym, which I didn't like since the teacher didn't teach their students). The at Rejuvewas warm and nicely shaded down with lights, teacher ( don't know her name; she teaches yoga since 2008) was doing all excersises with us, I was sweating a lot, she was correcting me a little bit, I liked her class for now. I went to attend the class nextday on sat next day, there was another girl "teachin" her name is Kirsten, first: the room was cold, the lights were bright, she didn't do anyexcercises at all, didn't correct us (in the class were only me and another girl, no wonder). During the excercises Kirsten was talking about that she just recently got certificate to teach, which was distracting while excercising, she was only talking fast pace what we have to do, was drinking water and going around the class-doing nothing, not teaching, not correcting, I had a feeling she didn't know what she is doing. Its was impossible to do all exercises that she was telling , since they were told in fast pace and bored, you could feel she doesn't have energy and at least she is bored. I left in the middleof the class.


I love REJUVE, the girls that work there are amazing! They are very pleasant and welcoming. The body wraps have help me tone up, shed water, detoxify and lose weight!!! I have my family and friends going to Rejuve now and would recommend it to anyone!!!


While this business does offer infrared sauna and some relaxation benefits, I believe the weight loss aspect is a gimmick. The owners lack integrity and clearly have not honed their customer service skills. Both owners failed to show up to open on a busy Saturday morning in the spring while customers, including myself, and their employees stood outside freezing and waiting while their absence went unexplained (even though they live right across the street). Finally leaving after 45 minutes, I receive the excuse phone call about an hour later. BOTH girls sick and slept through alarms because of too much cold medicine consumed the night before. Don't know which turnip truck they thought I just fell off, but had the haze of the hangover actually worn off by then, they would have been best to refund the entire amount of the gift certificate I was using. But no, they instead tried to book a complimentary session that felt like pulling teeth it was so uncomfortable. On top of that, when I go to use my certificate at a later date, they charge me for reflexology which was INCLUDED in the package AND a sauna session which was verbally agreed to be thrown in on that day. So what started out as a gift given to me with good intentions ended up being a horrible experience which I then had to pay an extra $60 for. NOT impressed. Would never recommend to anyone. Overall very poorly handled from beginning to end.

Lindsay Tokar

Wanted to let everyone know the amazing results with Rejuve! I've been going to Rejuve now for 2 months I'm down 28 lbs 31" and my cellulite reduction is literally night and day...The staff at rejuve! are amazing, over the past 2 months they are more friends then my wrap technions. I LOVE REJUVE! and would reccomend it to anyone!!! Call change your life!

Good Luck everyone on health and wellness.


Lindsay Tokar

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