Differenz Trenz

#5- 5315 17th Ave SE
Calgary, AB
Canada T2A 0W2

(403) 454-3218

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Jackie Guevara

I had my nails n eyebrow done. Amazing service. Girls very friendly n very precise sat what they do. Great experience everytime I'm there. Thank you ladies.


This spa is amazing the decor is so quaint and welcoming. The staff are always pleasaant and easy to talk to. They listen to the customer and gives the customer exactly what they desire. I had my nails done and it was worth my money. I got wonderful compliments about my nails and everyone who I referred had a great experience. I would recommend this salon and spa to anyone. You will not regret it. 5 stars indeed. This spa is amazing. Worth your bottom dollar.


I had booked my an hair color, pedicure with this salon for the first time and was not disappointed at all. If you are looking for a day of pampering Athiea will give it to you. This salon is a place where you will go and remember if you not in a hurry and shouldn't be than this is a place for you because her whole intention is to make it a special experience and to make you relax. I will be returning on a regular basis.


I went today despite what the comments said. To tel you the truth I was concerned about what the review said about Differenz Trenz I normally dont do comments but, the management has changed and that the service I got on May 01,2012 is very good. Danile and the other staff is really good and that I will be going back in July of this year. I didn't know what to do with my hair and they have been really helpful of what I should get I got extenstions for the first time and its great. They are nice and friendly. And after all these years I finally found the right hairdresser for me. I hope the same people that had bad experience will go back and see what great service there is. There is new stuff and new people working there. Hope to see there again Pam. And yes for $205.00 its worth it. They want to pay in advice for extenstions which I did and I thought they would take my money like other hairdressers' here in Calgary but, they didn't and I am going to get other stuff done by them. Thanks for your service Pam. Services' is excellent. Can't wait to get other things done by them so I can travel and show off my new hair other work done by this company. Pam

very happy

I just wanted to say that the barber Jamie there is the Shit best line up ever

uterly disappointed

i was with my hubby the otherday we went on a serch for a new look for him really interested in hair tattooes we stoped at differenz the barber jamie took care of my man he did a wonderfull job very proffesional guy he asked if it was ok to take a pic of my hubbys new do for his portfolio thqat i thought was a good idea codoes to him id wanna show off my work if it was that good too i am very pleased the barber but the owner of the place i am tellin ya if u wanna go there go when she is not in the lady named althia what a spz she is loud rude and obnoctios the most unprofetion person i have ever met she was yelling and screaming orders at her employees showing them nothing but disrespect the whole time we were there and when we payed for my husbands cut we payed a twenty dollar tip wich she put in her pocket i doubt she gave it to the poor man so if u do go there to see jamie and u wanna tip him give it directly to him cus i think the crazy owner is ripping off her employees


This place is an absolute disaster! I am never one to complain usually, but NOTHING about my experience there was even close to acceptable. I couldn't even weigh the pros and cons because everything was terrible. Completely unprofessional, unsanitary, and I left severely disappointed and in pain! My sister and I had planned on going to Differenz Trenz to get a manicure, pedicure, and haircut with a pre-purchased package deal. Our appointment was at 4 pm, but was told to come in a little earlier so we could get a head start on our services. We showed up at 3:45 without any expectation of getting started at that time; however every client has an expectation of at least getting started at their scheduled time. The stylist performing our services didn't even show up until 4:15. No apology, no hospitality, nothing. She walked in the door right past us to her pedicure chairs, filled them with water and yelled "Come on over ladies" I knew right away that this was not ideal. Boy was I right. She tried to multi task between the two of us the entire time. She was cross contaminating her implements between my sister and I. Luckily its my sister, but I started to wonder how many other people these were used on as I did not see her equipment come out of an autoclave. Instantly repulsed!!! One big toe nail was significantly shorter then the other. On the one big toe nail she tried to convince me it was damaged at some point in my life and I explained that it never was, it's just always been a little different - but she started to argue with me saying that it's been damaged. I'm seasoned when it comes to pedicures, and I have never had anyone argue with me over the shape of my toe nails. However, she proceeded to cut my toe nail down to virtually nothing with some very obviously RUSTY Clippers so my toe nail can 'Start fresh'. It's going to grow back the exact same way as it has my entire life!!!! On a positive note, I guess I am thankful that I have an up to date tetanus shot. Ok I guess that is the only pro, but I shouldn't be thankful that I am immunized before entering a spa. No base coat, no top coat, nail polish was applied over top of nails coated in lotion. It doesn't take a genius to know that nail polish will not adhere to a nail with lotion on it. Nail polish was applied to my toes with nail filings still on my nails. My nails were bumpy and smudged. She refused to exfoliate my feet, she was OUT OF PUMUS STONES, and would not Credo blade the rough spots on my feet based on her own personal belief in Credo blades not on what is best for her client. So she basically soaked my feet and put one coat of polish on my toes. After that wonderful experience (note sarcasm), we moved on to our hair - since she was again jumping between my sister and I - my sister got her hair cut first. I was left sitting in a drained pedicure chair for over 30 minutes. I could see my sister was in some distress over her hair consultation. The stylist said "If you're hair is naturally curly I want to cut your hair dry. If it's naturally straight, I want to cut it wet" My sister said her hair was naturally straight - but the stylist insisted her hair had to be naturally curly and it was merely flat ironed straight. (Can you freaking believe that? Why would my sister lie about the true state of her hair? Really??) So she proceeded to cut my sisters hair while dry. My sister wanted an inverted bob; she ended up with the slightest trim, and a bang on half of her head. Her hair was washed AFTER, and blow dried. My experience with my haircut: After sitting for 30 minutes at the Pedicure chair, I was brought back to have my hair washed (I guess she wasn't concerned with my hair ever being naturally curly as it IS but my hair was ACTUALLY FLAT IRONED when I came in) She washed my hair, and decided she was going to put a deep conditioner in my hair (basically a stall tactic in order to go and finish blow drying my sisters hair) I was to sit for 3-5 minutes with this 'Deep Conditioner' on my hair - I sat there for 15 minutes. After I came to find it was nothing more then your run of the mill conditioner. Once the conditioner was rinsed, she towel dried my hair as if she was towel drying a wet dog. My hair was all matted and she sent me to sit at a chair and wait yet again for close to 10 minutes with wet exposed matted hair that began to dry. She raked the comb through my hair and I could hear/feel hair being snapped and pulled out. After what I witnessed with my sister and after the pedicures I had enough and said "I just want a trim and some layers" She trimmed the same spot twice as she was distracted at one point, and the other HALF of my head wasn't even trimmed at all! Layers? Forget about it.....I was asked if I wanted some bangs and I said 'Sure' she got distracted again, came back, and proceeded to remove my cape as if she forgot that I agreed to a bang. I didnt care at all, I just wanted out. She led us up to the till (Where I presume she thought we were going to give her a tip as a we pre paid for our services), only to tell us then that we will have to reschedule our manicures for another time - thank god I didn't let her near my hands!!!! I didn't want a manicure at 8 at night anyways. Yes 8 pm. We arrived at 3:45 and did not leave until 8 pm! I think the most appalling thing about this establishment is that its dirty, kids running around all over the place, they have vulgar music blaring, and the staff have vulgar mouths&&Oh did I mention that the woman who preformed our services, was the owner!!!???? She was cussing constantly; she told my PREGNANT sister that she was pretty if she lost some weight. Once my sister exposed to her that she was actually 8 MONTHS PREGNANT she said Well you are over weight and at risk of diabetes. You need to go to the gym as soon as that baby is born and get your weight down Ladies I wish I was joking by telling you that!!! Anytime a walk in came in she would groan and cuss under her breath. AND FINALLY, her daughter who was there was misbehaving and having a tantrum (and frankly was a distraction from clients all night) at one point the stylist needed to intervene and STRUCK her child in front of numerous clients in the salon. Yes, she slapped her child in front of people and the child screamed and wailed for a good 15 minutes. I am not someone with a personal grudge, I am not a disgruntled past employee who is out to tarnish this establishments name, I am a REAL customer, who experienced this all. None of this is made up. Trust me, I couldnt make this up if I tried. So if youre in the market to be neglected, ignored, abused, insulted, avoided, and humiliated then give Differenz Trendz a call, you WILL be disappointed!


i injoyed my stay it was fast and injoyable and i cant wait till i return there agian




AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. Not only do they completely lack professionalism at Differenz Trenz, they are incapable of providing quality hair, nails, or makeup.

My sister left looking orange after a 'professional' makeup application. She held her hands to her face the entire ride home. After we returned home she had to shower, and we had to redo her hair and makeup before her birthday party.

If I hadn't felt so bullied and intimidated by the woman running the place, I would have refused to pay.


I absolutely love the homey feel of this spa...each time I have gone in it has been completely ralaxing and a very easy environment. I have not yet been displeased with my nails as I get the acrylic full set, and they always look fabulous. The care and attention put into each individual nail cannot as of yet be met by my standards at any other spa I have visited. The staff is top notch and make you feel so welcome, that its sometimes hard to leave. I would most definitely recommend this spa to others.


I had the greatest misfortune in selecting this salon for getting my gel nails done. I should have left 5 minutes after the 'supposed' nail tech began. No where in sight was her framed certification..that should have set the alarms off. It turned out that she hadn't taken any formal training, she had just gone to another hair salon for several months to watch how it's done. There was no prepping or sanitizing of the nails and they obviously don't believe in using a fresh arbor band for each customer. Talk about being cheap, when they cost so little. Long story short, she cut the skin on one finger with the electric file and I ended up with a nasty staph infection...dirty arbor bands! I paid the $51 bill, left and am still mad at myself for even entertaining the thought of going there. I was totally seduced by their site and thought I had found a good salon. Not! I have warned all of my friends and colleagues to stay away from there. Never will I grace their doorstep again.

Sandy (Toronto)

I just want people to know that if you really want to unwind and get spoiled, this is the place to make your dreams come through. I am from Toronto and recently stopped at Differenz trenz  in Calgary, before heading to the airport. I asked for a relaxation massage. manicure and  pedicure. I was surprised at how warm and friendly the place and staff were, compared to many places I've been to in Toronto. I received  the best 30 min message a person could ask for and my manicure and pedicure is still the talk in my office. I only wish you had a spa in Toronto for you would surly have my business and many referrals, as for the Lady that wrote the comment above.  I am surprised that you stayed and got so many services done, if you were not satisfied from the very first one. It sounds like you were just having a bad day, I've had them too. I got my moneys worth and when I return to Calgary in mid- April, I will call and book my appointment again.

Keep up the good work!!!!



This is my experience with a new day spa and salon in Calgary. Differenz Trenz. I called to book an appt for hair, nails and massage. I asked about the differences between the relaxation massage and the aromatherapy massage and decided on the aromatherapy. I was told I would be first placed in a sauna for 10 minutes to warm up the muscles. I arrived and was placed in the sauna for 30 minutes (charged 20.00) and given the most painful massage I have ever had. ( I had asked if the aromatherapy was Swedish vs. sports and explained my dislike of the latter.) We were interrupted no less than 4 times as she left to take phone calls and work on other client's hair. Nails were a treat, never got around to the manicure because of interruptions and 4 hours was long enough for me to try and be patient. She did paint my toes and decided to add a design, which I did not want. There was no finishing coat applied to the nail color and after my haircut/style I redressed (40 minutes later thinking my toes should be fine. My toes were smudged when i arrived home so I removed polish) Hair- opted for the deep conditioning since I would not be getting the manicure. Steam conditioning in the hair which feels fabulous. Not so great the next day. Don't waste your money. (35.00) Did I mention that one side of my head is almost one full inch shorter around the face than the other? I did not notice it at first because of my frustration and wanting to leave. My husband did. I cannot bear to go so short all over. The right side of my head from face to ear is shorter and everything else is one length. She had tried to get me to part my hair on the opposite side I usually wear it on. Now I know why. Here's the kicker. I get my bill and she charged me for a hot stone massage (110.00 instead of 60.00 for the aromatherapy and of course the sauna time which I assumed was included. I am still so sore that showering and applying lotion to my body is painful. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be cautious when using this establishment. I am still crying over my hair and will have to wait until it grows a bit to have it corrected unless I wish for my hair to be super short. I have been to many spas and never encountered such a place. I would not wish this on anyone. I will only use the established spas going forward. The old adage is true. You do get what you pay for. Too bad I paid almost 250.00 for the worst possible service. No relaxation here, maybe in a few months when I can have my hair corrected.

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